What is the goal of entrepreneurs who approach the web? Sell more. It seems to me an understandable desire, the web can become an essential driving force for virtuous companies. And for those who have the foresight to rely on a web marketing consultant, a professional in the field.

This is the real secret to exploit the Internet to your advantage: to tie the most important projects to the competent people. Only in this way can you design a useful path. You want to increase sales, and it is a goal worthy of note. To reach it you have to give space to the professionals of the sector, but before you have to understand what are the possible steps.

What are the online marketing strategies to earn more and increase turnover? I have a list that summarizes these points, but before describing it it is right to define one aspect: there are no perfect solutions and pre-established. I can list the paths for certain circumstances, but each project is a separate reality.

And it can include different ramifications, combinations. So, what are the main online marketing strategies to sell more? I decided to start with these opportunities, not always exploited to the full.


One of the main solutions to push customers to buy. Or at least to win a lead, an interesting contact. On search engines there are transactional queries that have specific needs, which concern users who already have a clear intent and want to perform an action.

Then there are informational searches that do not directly address the business aspect, but embrace questions related to a topic that touches on your world. Sell a blogging course online, publish an article dedicated to choosing the best hosting for WordPress and welcome people who are starting to work in this world.

Opening a blog is a good online marketing strategy to increase sales, but it is not a road that everyone can or should follow. A small and limited business, for example, can have greater benefits by investing in other areas: the blog can become a project too large for its needs.

Without forgetting that it must be accompanied by work that combines SEO and landing pages. Do you want to increase sales with the blog? You have to be found, you have to know the customer searches and optimize the pages. To then take the reader to specific landing pages, designed to achieve conversions. In short, it’s not enough to publish to get results.

Social Media Marketing

With social media you can increase your sales. First, because you trigger, together with the blog, the inbound marketing process and make sure the right people find your content. You can also form one of the most important capitals for your reality: the community. Around social networks you can bring together people who love your world.

Here, content is a decisive aspect of social media marketing. Without the right topics you can’t attract the attention of fans and followers, but at the same time you have to involve the people who arrive on the channels. You don’t have to pretend to be interested in conversations: you have to be really passionate about community opinion. This is the best way to retain your audience.

Email Marketing

One of the best strategies to sell online: create a funnel through email marketing. Generate a list of contacts thanks to the various lead generation strategies – you can give away an ebook or you can organize a webinar – and study a series of emails to guide contacts towards the purchase. Perhaps using increasingly specific content as suggested by this Moz scheme.

Content marketing is a constant. This is true even if you want to focus on email marketing, but there is one aspect to consider: where to land people who click on email links? On landing pages, pages designed to turn visits into customers. This point is also central for blogging, social media marketing and advertising. But especially when you send an email to 10,000 contacts.

Online advertising

The classic advertising, the expensive advertising that allows you to get immediately what you need. That is, qualified visits, leads, traffic to bring on landing pages. The main advertising platforms revolve around Facebook and Adwords, and to increase sales you have all the data available to segment the public and send the right message.

Here, what’s the right message? Hard to say. In the case of both Adwords and Facebook Advertising there are dozens of variables that relate mainly to copy and visual. Think about the ads you find in Google’s snake: the fields that occupy the title tag and the meta description can be used to push the user towards the click. And then towards the conversion you defined.

All this concerns the advertising on Facebook that also uses images and videos. Not to mention the storytelling of Canvas. Used well, advertisements can become the ideal strategy to increase sales in the short term. But without a strategy you risk getting only losses.

Quality of product or service

This is the main strategy to increase online sales: to guarantee the quality of the product or service. In reality, this is a tendentious, sometimes rhetorical point. Because many believe they can get everything by investing one hundred or two hundred euros on Facebook. The truth? There must always be a quality offer at the base.

Otherwise, you risk making a hole in the water. A painful hole for your economic resources. Then the blame will be on the consultant who does not know how to work, or maybe the web that is just a trap for allocchi.

Someone can point to the public that has not understood. But you can’t ignore the truth: if you sell a poor product, and if you can’t offer a competitive service, the web can’t work miracles. At most it can be a screen to hide obvious flaws.

Which strategy have you chosen?

There are many solutions, you can point to different ways to increase sales. The assumption is always the same: to be guided by those who have the right skills. But, above all, to have an overview and a digital strategy capable of understanding the characteristics of your business. On the other hand, if you don’t know the reality in which you move, you can’t choose the best way for your company, can you?