Picnic. Weekend keyword. When we are free, the breakfast tastes different and the lunch seems to be tastier. We spend every free moment outside. We take our time from nature, eat, laugh and test our equipment for you. Today is the time for a picnic set from Mountain Warehouse.

How did it start?

July Saturday. The heat is pouring from the sky, and we are wandering around with our team to the Citadel in Poznań – we like this place because it is a park and a forest in one – after all, a few days we had agreed with our friends to have a picnic. On Friday evening we started testing and packing. Apparently a few cups, napkins, spoons, a blanket and we have a problem. Recently, everything has not been two or four times since Johnny and Zoska have their needs, plus their friends of course. Two months earlier we had bought a picnic rucksack. For private use and testing purposes. We chose the equipment that would support us in this type of trips. Relatively cheap, because for the price of 150 PLN in the package we get some kitchen-picnic gadgets. Was it worth it?

As they see you, they write you

At first glance, it seems slim. It is not great either. The dimensions 35x25x20cm (height, width, length) are the pen scales in boxing slang. The whole is covered with a fairly pleasant to the touch, dark-blue fabric with white stripes, which decorate the harness, front pocket and handle. The design combines Scandinavian craftsmanship with unobtrusive school design. It is simple and “with taste”. No fireworks and no unnecessary exaggeration. With the downsides, at first glance, of the dirt. Keeping your backpack clean isn’t the easiest thing to do on white elements.

Construction of backpack

With our kids, no equipment is easy to find. It was no different now. At home, Jasiek tested its strength, and Zośka tested its exposure to colored crayons. What is more, the poor are knocked from corner to corner. It is short with us, so he has not yet received his piece of flooring. Given these circumstances, he was able to advise. That is to say, its material. For this price, the backpack is made quite solid. All the elements are in good contact with each other. Nothing stands out, nothing moves – at least as it has been up to now. Its streamlined and quite ergonomic shape fits well on the back. The exception is the clip-on thermowell, which stands out from the rest of the model.

Functionality and user-friendliness

The front is equipped with a small pocket. It has a zip fastener and can safely hold a book inside. There is also a thermal pocket at the back of the backpack. Quite large, zippered and easily accessible. The solution provided in case of heat. How does it keep the temperature? Unfortunately, on average. Cooling inserts seem to be the solution. Three should be enough for the afternoon picnic. As far as their prices are concerned, the shooting is quite large – from PLN 3 to over PLN 70.

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