What the experts have to say, that you need to know! Some of the best patterns which will be the most popular this year, are going to be leaning towards the more funky look in fashions, but if you would much rather stick with the more traditional styles, then that of course is the choice you can make for yourself.

Let’s take a look at night wear and discuss what you need to know when you are going to sew these. We will start with a nightgown and deal with all the different materials which could be used for this article of clothing and the different level of sewing skills for each person. Keeping the overall pattern very simple and then adding different embellishments to it, will not only enhance the original design, but also make it your own.

For The Beginner

Tip # 1.
Sewing a Basic Nightgown-Keep it Simple.

For a basic nightgown which is made out of a nice cotton blend, means this would be a good start for the beginner sewer, wanting to make her own nightwear, instead of buying one that’s already made. The beginner should not think about adding any lace or other embellishments, as you will have enough to think about, in just sewing this nightgown together in the first place.

Tip # 2.
Straight lines – no pleats.

Plain and simple is not all that bad of an idea, so pick out a lovely little cotton blend print, one which you will be loving to have against you skin, when you are going to bed. The pattern that you pick should have very straight lines, so that there aren’t any pleats or tucks to be made. Being a beginner sewer, you probably won’t have a sewing machine with all the gadgets, so sticking with the materials which only require the basic straight stitch is perfect for you. This tip will save you any headaches later on when you have difficulty, if you chose a pattern with more ornate decorations to it. Keeping it simple is always the best policy.

For The Intermediate.
Tip # 1.
More details.

For the more intermediate sewer, you might want to pick out a pattern with a little more to it, one which has some tucks on the neckline, so that the bust line has a nice fall to it. Basically, the nightgown will still be rather a basic design, with just a bit more sewing techniques thrown in. The little tucks in the front will require some measuring and pinning, exactly where the pattern indicates, but you have had a little more experience, so you should be able to accomplish this and it will look so pretty when it was finished.

Tip # 2.
A more elite material.

You could use a nice stretchy cotton jersey, as there are so many beautiful materials made from cotton now. You may want to zigzag the seams, to keep them from unraveling, or looking tacky in time and repeated washings.

For The Advanced.
Tip # 1.
Using silks.

If you are a advanced sewer, then you could choose a lovely satin material, which is more difficult to work with, but with the serger that you own, you shouldn’t have too much trouble. The pattern would be the same as the other sewers are using, but the difficulty that you will experience, is in dealing with the slippery material, but you will be able to master this detail without a hitch. The needle for your machine will have to be the one specifically for this type of material, or you will find that the other ones will put pulls and holes in the material.

Tip # 2.
Lounge Pants.

Again, the materials will determine who is capable of sewing this garment together and what kind of machine you will need to tackle it. For the beginner, you might want to use either a cotton blend, similar to the nightgown or a good flannelette, as these lounge pants are good for all types of weather.

The pattern would be a basic, elastic top or ties through the top of the pants, to make them very simple to make. For the intermediate sewer, again you could use the cotton jersey material, but your pattern could also have some side-seam pockets, if this is what you would prefer. For the more advanced sewer, you again could use a material with more of a shine and glimmer, but this is still the hardest material to deal with, but look at the result, when you’re finished your lounge pants.

You will definitely need a serger to have the resulting effects which you want. This pattern is very simple in design, but can look and feel fabulous when worn by the one who made it.

Tip # 3.
Lounge Top.

Some women love to just wear a t-shirt as a top to bed, but if you are going to go to the work of making the lounge pants, why not make a top to match, especially if you want to wear it for a special occasion, such as a girls sleep over for example.

You will be receiving orders before you know it, for you to sew them for the other ladies when they see the job you have done with your own. This will be a repeat of the specific materials which we talked about, but the top pattern should again be kept fairly simple, with very straight lines, but enough room, so that when you sleep, you won’t feel like you are bound up. You need good movement to be a priority.

Tip # 4.


This is where your creative ability and uniqueness will come through. Instead of going out to the retail store and buying that little dress for that party you are wanting to go to, why not make your own. No one else will have one like it, so that’s where the originality comes in. Being careful again, not to tackle anything which is too complicated, so that it won’t take you forever to make, keep the lines of the dress very simple and casual. The material that you use to make it out of, will be the clincher, so you need to be very careful when you are picking the pattern and the material you want to use for this dress.

One variation could be in the length of the dress, how your body will look in the specific length. If you are tall and slim, then the shorter the better, but if you are a more normal height and average weight, then your length could be a little longer, maybe just below the knee. It’s important to know what looks the best on you, then proceed to make the dress which will make the most of your body, and how to enhance your best features. No matter how ornate the pattern, or the difficulty in sewing it, when it doesn’t look the best on you to begin with, there is no point in doing it and wasting your time. We don’t all have runway model figures, so let’s work with what we have got.

If you are a bit on the pudgy side, then you would not want to make a dress with all kinds of embellishments attached, as they will draw more attention to your weight, or lack thereof, if you happen to be very thin. The basic black would probably be the best choice for nearly everyone, with the narrow straps and a nice fit to the body. You can always dress it up a bit, by adding some ornaments, if this is your personality, but don’t try to be like someone else. Be yourself and make your clothes to fit you as a person. Visit: beginner sewing machine reviews 2018.

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